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    Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services Long Island, NY – Make it Spotless every time with our Soft Wash Certified team.

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    SPOTLESS Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. is a Long Island roof and house wash certified and licensed soft wash contractor. We’re licensed, insured and trained to expertly clean your asphalt, slate and cedar shake roofs. We can also clean the vinyl, brick or cedar siding of your home in addition to masonry, pavers and concrete.

    Why is soft washing the right choice for your roof? Soft wash systems use a lower pressure pump spray application of cleaning solutions than pressure washers do so they won’t harm or decay your roof! They put out about the same PSI (pressure) of your garden hose and they are the absolute safest way to wash your roof.

    Reasons Why Soft Washing Is The Best Choice For Your Home

    • It’s the least invasive way to clean your roof and siding.
    • It will extend the life of your roof and siding which will save you money.
    • In addition to cleaning, it actually removes mildew, bacteria, asphalt shingle staining and algae.
    • Soft wash solutions will not damage your roof, landscaping or grass.
    • It’s a safe process using chemical cleaning solutions that are biodegradable, eco-friendly and recommended by roofing shingle manufacturers.
    • You’ll avoid issues with your homeowner’s insurance (keep it intact).
    • You’ll avoid health hazards from mold build up and mold spreads.
    • You will avoid build up leading to “roof rot” that will ultimately lead to roof leaks.
    • Your curb appeal will be improved!
    certified soft wash roof cleaning company Long Island, NY

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      John Mahland, Owner

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      Our professional fleet services Long Island, including Nassau County and Suffolk County, Westchester, and the NYC area.

      What exactly is soft wash roof washing?

      You might be asking yourself, “what exactly is soft washing?” and “is it better than pressure washing your roof?” The answer is, it’s the only true safe way to wash your roof. The reason is, on top of actually successfully cleaning your roof with eco-friendly chemical solutions, it uses low pressure that won’t damage your roof. It will ensure that the structural integrity of your roof is not compromised; it will ensure that your roof does not incur water damage; and it will actually remove particulates, moss, algae, lichen and organic stains for your roof. Your roof will actually be cleaner than it’s been in many years.

      roof soft wash Long Island

      Roof Cleaning Before & After: View Our Work

      Before & After Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

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      How Soft Wash Cleaning Works

      Professional soft washing starts with having the right equipment, cleaning solutions and trained staff. Due to the complexity and cost of these systems, homeowners hire certified pros to perform the task. Generally, this is how soft washing work:

      1. By way of ladders, roof wash solution is applied to the roof (or siding) by spraying a surfactant (from the gutter line), water and Sodium Hypochlorite mix that is pumped from our truck-mounted soft wash system.
      2. The exact mix of cleaning solution is determined by the Manufacturer to ensure effective coverage. We use the best, safest solutions at Spotless! The solution is sprayed on your roof and siding with a gentle water pressure similar to your hose pressure. We do not use pressure washers that can damage your roof!
      3. Once the solution is on your roof or siding, it is allowed to sit and breakdown down the dirt, organic material and staining that has built up.
      4. Technicians may decide to apply a light brushing to the roof or siding to remove severe bacteria buildup and/or staining, as necessary.
      5. After the biodegradable solution is applied and brushed, if necessary, the area is water sprayed, taking the solution off of your roof and siding in a safe manner.
      6. For dirtier roofs or tough spots, if needed, the solution may be sprayed again for a second or third application until the roof is clean.

      Types of Roofs and Siding Cleaning/Soft Washing We Provide:

      Long Island is home to many different kinds of roofs and there is almost no roof type we can’t clean! Plus, roof washing solutions can be used to clean much more then roofs! Here’s the list of what we normally are requested to clean but do not hesitate to ask if you have a special request.

      • Asphalt shingle roof cleaning
      • Slate tile roof cleaning
      • Cedar roof cleaning
      • Metal roof cleaning
      • House washing your siding
      • Deck cleaning
      • Masonry cleaning, including pavers and concrete
      • Fencing cleaning
      • Stucco cleaning

      How To Make Sure You Do Not Void Your Roof Warranty Coverage?

      Following Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association recommendations is the key.

      The ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association) recommends soft wash roof cleaning the right mix of Sodium Hypochlorite, water and surfactant surface cleaner as the only way to clean your roof shingles that will not void your roof warranty coverage.

      How long will soft washing extend my roof’s life? ARMA states that soft washing your roof extends the life of your roof by up to 15 years.

      How often should I soft wash my roof? The ARMA recommends it be done every 3 to 5 years to extend the life of your roof. SPOTLESS Roof Cleaning is the company to rely on to do it right!


      Why More Homeowners Hire Spotless’ Certified Experts for Roof Cleaning

      In addition to following a Certified process, customers tell us our credentials exceed expectations.

      1. We are licensed and fully insured backed by. We carry general liability insurance with over $2 million in coverage as well as Workman’s Compensation insurance. We hold active licenses too.
      2. We are an experienced roof washing/gutter/roofing company. For over 15 years, we’ve done it all for Long Island homeowners. As a full-service roofing and gutter company, we have experienced professionals on hand and a full office of backend staff to ensure your home will be serviced properly from start to finish and beyond. We also employ several project managers who inspect and supervise our technicians and their work for quality control and excellence.
      3. We are a Certified and experienced soft roof washing company. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure our staff are expertly trained and ready. Part of having our experience level means we follow a specific process that we know works, and we have the integrity and capabilities to find a solution for each home, no matter the nuances of the project or request.
      4. We stand for Quality, Integrity and Excellence. As a family owned and operated business, our value system drives our work ethic and our approach to our work. With oversight and quality controls in place, we make sure that we do the very best we can for you on every job to your complete satisfaction. We strive everyday to do our best for you. With many family members involved in the business, there is extra care put into our work. We know you have a choice and we want you to know your business means a lot to us.
      5. We don’t take shortcuts. Quality at every step is our approach. Whether it’s making sure we have the best equipment, superior materials and the very best trained people performing the work, our goal is service excellence and we do everything we can to guarantee it.

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        Spotless’ Soft Washing Cleaning Process—Safe. Effective. Reliable.

        roof soft wash processYou will see an immediate and significant difference upon application of our eco-friendly solutions.

        ⁃ Tape and cover electrical areas. This is necessary to protect from damage to your electrical system

        ⁃ Connect collection bags to downspouts to capture runoff. This is done to capture runoff from the downspouts and eliminate standing cleaning solutions.

        ⁃ Water-treat shrubbery and lawn. This is done at the start of the cleaning process and throughout the soft washing process to dilute chemical solutions and ensure protection of your lawn and foliage.

        ⁃ Pre-treat roof & siding with water to remove lose debris such as moss and mildew.

        ⁃ Select correct mixture as per manufacturer’s guidelines, activate truck-mounted pump sprayer and apply cleaning solution at low pressure similar to a hose.

        ⁃ Let solution sit 15-20 minutes. The solutions will begin breaking down the lichen, moss, and algae as well as roof staining and discoloration.

        ⁃ Rinse off applied solution. At this point, a noticeable difference in your roof and siding will be visible.

        ⁃ Brush roof as necessary (heavy moss accumulation) to remove build up areas of lichen, moss, etc.

        ⁃ Reapply second coat cleaning solution in areas, as needed. In an effort to remove staining and stubborn moss buildup areas, we hand brush gently to activate the roof cleaning process and remove heavy areas of growth or staining.

        ⁃ Ground level clean up! This speaks for itself. We ensure that your property is left as we found it or better.

        ⁃ Spotless results!

        Did you know that the cleaning solutions continue to work over the coming days and weeks after application? It’s a key benefit many homeowners don’t know.

        Roof Cleaning Before & After: View Our Work

        roof cleaning before and after

        Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

        Know the Facts. Don’t Pressure Wash Your Roof. It’s Not Safe.

        While you may have heard of “pressure washing” areas of your roof or the exterior of your home, your roof should be treated with special care. While a homeowner may own a pressure washer, and it may seem like a good idea, pressure washing your roof can be dangerous and cause irreparable damage to your home’s appearance as well as its structural integrity. Water under high pressure can directly damage material, degrade roofing tiles and even cause new damage that was not there.

        There is a reason that there is special equipment for roof cleaning and a Certification process to follow. We highly advise talking to a professional to answer all of your questions to protect your roof. Soft wash cleaning is preventative maintenance that will keep your home safe and intact!

        Local Service Areas

        While Spotless provides service in the entire Tri-State area, on Long Island our local trucks and team are standing by to services homes in Nassau County, Suffolk County, The Hamptons, Queens and all of the cities in between, extending into the city. Chances are we have been in your neighborhood. We’re local and we live here on Long Island. Serving customers from the North to the South Shore is what we do everyday!

        Spotless Roof Cleaning Customer Google Reviews

        Below are some of our roof soft washing and cleaning reviews:

        “John the owner was easy to work with and responded questions quickly. The workers were excellent work quickly without cutting corners. – Mr. Luis Ramos, New York (Google) 

        “Excellent people. will definitely hire them again.” – Mr. David Press, New York

        They were very professional and did Everything quoted in the estimate. I am very satisfied with the service” – Mr. Thomas Egan, Bronx, New York

        “Great service! Super-efficient with the time. He also made sure to clean up well and answer all the questions I had the cost is reasonable” – Mr. Mark Zezza

        “The technician did an amazing job on cleaning my roof! – Mr. Rob Ray


        How often should I soft wash my roof?

        According to the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association, it is recommended to do it every 3 to 5 years to preserve the look and functionality of your asphalt shingle roof.

        What does soft washing a roof cost?

        There are many factors that will contribute to the cost of soft washing your home. Some of them include:

        • Size of your house, deck, or patio.
        • Height of your house.
        • Ability to access the house, deck or patio.
        • Access to water which could impact setup and duration of project.
        • Landscaping and trees around the house.
        • Type of material being cleaned (vinyl siding, brick, concrete, wood).
        • The amount of the dirt, mold, or mildew on the surface.
        • Type of roofing material

        Do you provide free estimates?

        Yes, of course! Give us a call.

        Can my insurance be impacted by having a dirty roof?

        100% yes. We are frequently contacted by homeowners who report that their insurance company has mandated that the moss algae & discoloration must be removed or their policy will be voided. Insurers are aware that failure to maintain a clean and growth-free roof will ultimately result in water damage to your home.

        When does Spotless provide power washing?

        SPOTLESS roof and house washing DOES do pressure washing, however, mostly to clean flat masonry surfaces such as pavement driveways walkways etc. However, we have found that pressure washing on flat surfaces is made doubly as effective when those surfaces are pre-treated with soft wash mix and then washed with a 15-inch rotating disc surface cleaner. The results are often incredible!

        house washing

        Do you do commercial roof cleaning?

        We also do commercial roof washing, yes! Spotless has cleaned the roofs and exteriors of commercial buildings, condos, hospitals and churches, for example.

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