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Westchester Gutter Cleaning, Repair & Installations

Gutter cleaning in Westchester County is critically important to maintain your home and protect it from water damage. When Gutters are not cleaned, the debris that inevitably falls in them will cause the gutters to fill and prevent the water from the roof to drain properly thereby causing the gutter to fill up, like a bathtub, and overflow. When this happens, the rainwater will go behind the gutter and potentially into the home causing serious water damage. In addition, overflowing gutters can cause damage to the foundation of your home and erosion.

Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. are experts in gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter installation in Westchester County, NY. All of our technicians are expertly trained to conduct the five-step gutter cleaning process, test all downspouts and do a detail cleanup. We also install seamless gutters and gutter guards of all different types that are very effective and particularly needed in Westchester County to prevent gutters from overflowing and damaging home foundations and interior finishes.

Whether you need help with gutter cleaning, repair, replacement or even installations, Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair can help. We offer the following services:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Repair
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Seamless Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Guards Installation

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How to Choose Your Local Gutter Cleaning Company in Westchester County

Licensed & Insured Company
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Westchester County License No.: WC-26806-414

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Our Service Philosophy

Our service philosophy for West Chester County is simply to deliver excellence on a recurring basis. We pay attention to detail and ensure that our technicians are fully vetted and we stand behind our work.

“Each of our valued customers are treated as I would like to be.” – Timothy C.

Timmy has been with us for over five years. He is our field service supervisor and is an expert in gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter guards, gutter installation and roof repairs. Tim is a great asset to the company. His integrity and work ethic shines through each day in delivering service excellence.

” The job is done when the customer is fully satisfied. Our 5 Step process ensures that will happen.” – Mark T.

Mark has been with the company over 10 years and is our roofing manager. He has spent many years in the field examining and inspecting rooms for roof leak detection and repair as well as gutter installation and new roofs. He is an expert in flat roofs and in all facets of residential or commercial roofing.

” I love what I do and I think customers can see the difference in the quality of the work.” – Nicole

Nicole is our office manager and she is our lead operations person who is responsible for the daily scheduling of work, and taking new customer calls and keeping the technicians on time and delivering excellence each day. She has been with the company over 15 years now.

“Listening to the customer is the key to service. I make sure I am 100% focused especially on site.” – Olman A.

Omar, as he is known, has been with the company since 2005. During his entire professional career, he has worked in the Gutter industry. He’s an extremely knowledgeable and talented gutter installer, cleaner and repair of aluminum and copper gutters.

Why Hire Spotless to Clean, Repair Existing and Install New Gutters?

Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. is the company you should choose for you gutter and roofing issues in Westchester County. We have over 20 years of experience servicing gutter and roof systems.

We are licensed and properly insured for roofing and gutter work at heights. We carry general liability insurance with 2 million in coverage and Workmen’s Comp. insurance.

We do not employ subcontractors. All of our employees work directly for us and report daily to our warehouse.

Not only do we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but we have never been the recipient of a consumer affairs complaint or a legal action from a dissatisfied consumer. We strive for customer satisfaction above all.

Our company is large enough to deliver excellent service but small enough to care about every job. We employ project managers, quality control supervisors and have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. We value and reward integrity.

We have employed the latest in technology to deliver outstanding service. Each of our trucks is monitored with fleet tracking, all of our technicians can receive Mobil payments in the field and our equipment is state of the art.

The materials that we use are the best currently available in the industry. We do not take shortcuts in the quality of our work or the material we use. Many competitors use cut rate low gauge aluminum material.

We have serviced over 5000 homes, businesses, commercial buildings, churches, condominiums and hospitals in Westchester County. The staple of our work is gutter cleaning; however, we install and repair all types of seamless aluminum and copper gutters and leaders (downspouts), soffit boards, fascia boards and roofs, both flat and traditional.

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    We Offer Expert Solutions to Your Gutter Problems

    expert gutter cleaning, repair and installation technicians in Westchester CountyWestchester County, NY is one of the most beautiful counties in the United States and possesses some of the most diverse home structures in the country. It is an area in the Hudson Valley situated north of New York City which promises a plethora of outdoor activities. Westchester County has 6 cities, 19 towns and 23 villages with Yonkers, NY as the largest city by population. According to, the county has an estimated population of 969,279. There are about 345,885 housing units with 141,570 households living in homes and apartments.

    Westchester County has a diverse inventory of home types and styles. Everything from Cape Cod’s to Colonial Hi-Ranches and In-line Ranches are found in Westchester County. The homes are often very high and/or located on hilly terrain and requires expert technicians using specialized ladders. The type of terrain and style of homes present unique challenges when doing gutter cleaning and other gutter related services in Westchester County. The terrain is very hilly and homes require higher than usual ladders such as a 40-foot ladder and 32-foot ladder.

    Additionally, many homes are colonial styles which are two stories high and frequently have slate roofs. These types of homes present unique challenges since roofs cannot be walked upon or they will be damaged. Larger homes typically have ancillary areas which are additional buildings, like the garage and cottages. These buildings require special attention when cleaning and repairing gutters.

    We recently completed a job in Yonkers for Frank F. where we installed 6-inch seamless white aluminum gutters on a customer’s home. In this case, there were very large trees surrounding the home and the owner was very worried about the water handling capabilities of the standard existing 5-inch K-style aluminum white seamless gutters. The larger 6-inch gutter allowed for much more capacity and stopped the overflow problems.

    A customer In Bronxville, had a large home with a slate roof and copper gutters. He had a dormer over his back door where rain water was continuously overflowing. In that case, we installed a copper 5-inch K-style Gutter and 2×3 copper downspout which solved the problem completely.

    Last year, a customer in Scarsdale had an issue where the dry well that the downspouts were feeding into kept getting blocked up, not allowing the rain water to drain properly. Our first course of action was to snake the dry well with our power snake and clear it properly. As a solution to the ongoing problem, we recommended the installation of downspout strainers. These are lightbulbs shaped aluminum strainers that are inserted in the opening of the downspout. This stopped the downspouts from allowing so much debris to drain into the dry well and solved the issue permanently.

    Just recently, a customer in Sleepy Hollow, NY called us with an ongoing roof leak problem. He inspected the problem carefully and determined that the roof valley, where two sections of roof meet and water drains into the gutter needed to be opened up. He proceeded to remove all of the roof shingles down to the underlayment and installed new water and ice shield and new roofing shingles. The leak has been permanently fixed.

    About three years ago in Hartsdale, we had a customer that had massive large numbers of trees surrounding their home. It became a constant burden to clean the gutters. Our project manager recommended the installation of micro guards, which we have found to be an excellent cost-effective solution to gutter cleaning. We recently returned to that home and inspected the gutters and gutter guards we installed. We can proudly report that no debris has gotten into those gutters and the customers not had any further issues.

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    Gutter Cleaning Cost in Westchester County, NY

    The gutter cleaning cost is affected by several factors. The first and most obvious is the sheer size of the home. Other factors include the number of stories and the heights of the gutters. Especially common in Westchester County and villages is a home with the downward slope in backyard requiring a 40-foot ladder and a two-man crew. Other factors that affect pricing is the type of roofing, such as sleet or asphalt shingle.

    In addition, the type of gutter, copper gutters for example, require very careful approach to cleaning them. Ladders cannot be leaned on against copper gutters or they will be easily dented as copper is a malleable metal. An investment in gutter cleaning gives many years of positive returns due to the protection that it provides your interior home and foundation.

    Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair offers discounts and special promotions to help you save. Contact us today to request your FREE estimate. Call or text (914) 576-7000 or fill out our contact us form here.

    Westchester Expert Gutter Cleaning Special Offers

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    We Offer Annual Gutter Maintenance Plans

    Many of our customers are on annual maintenance plans. These plans authorize our technicians to clean the gutters on a seasonal basis. This is a simple “set it and forget it” solution to the problem of gutter cleaning.

    Many clients only call us after they notice trees growing from the gutter or water overflowing. At this point, it is gone on too long and it’s time to clean your gutters! For most homes we recommend cleaning the gutters a minimum of twice annually. Once in the spring and once in the late fall after all the trees drop their leaves. However, many homes require three or four annual cleanings and some homes require monthly maintenance. The biggest mistake building owners make is waiting too long to service their rain gutter system. This can lead to overflowing damage or water gaining entry into your home.

    Building owners in Westchester County should only use licensed and properly insured gutter cleaning, repair and installation companies to perform their annual maintenance and/or repairs. This is critical, as there are many unlicensed operators who do not provide outstanding service. This leaves the customer with no recourse if the work is unsatisfactory.

    Each of our technicians is trained in our five-step gutter cleaning process. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. Depending on the size of the home, most gutter cleanings will be completed within 1 to 2 hours. However, certain factors such as the existence of hilly terrain, slate roofs, gutter guards can all affect the amount of time it takes to clean the gutters. In addition, commercial buildings and condominiums/coops in Westchester can take a full day or even more to clean the gutters.

    You may have come to this page by looking to find a gutter cleaning company near me. If you have, call or text (914) 576-7000 for a FREE quote today and we will send a local member of our staff to your home for an estimate.

    Full List of Gutter Services We Provide in Westchester County, New York

    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Gutter Repair
    • Gutter Replacement
    • Gutter Installation
    • Gutter Maintenance
    • Gutter Screen Repair
    • Gutter Leaf Guards
    • Gutter Leak Repair
    • Downspout Repair
    • Downspout Replacement
    • Seamless Gutters
    • Copper Gutters
    • Yankee Gutters
    • Aluminum Gutters
    • Vinyl Gutters
    • K-Style Gutters
    • Half Round Gutters
    • House Gutters
    • Apartment Gutters
    • Commercial Gutters

    You may have come to this page by looking to find a gutter cleaning company near me. If you have, call or text (914) 576-7000 for a FREE quote today and we will send a local member of our staff to your home for an estimate.

    Areas We Serve in Westchester County, New York

    Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair serves residential homes and businesses in Ardsley, Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Briarcliff Manor, Bronxville, Chappaqua, Cortlandt, Crompond, Croton-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Goldens Bridge, Greenville, Harrison, Hartsdale, Hastings-on-Hudson, Hawthorne, Irvington, Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, Katonah, Larchmont, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Mohegan Lake, Montrose, Mount Kisco, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Peekskill, Pelham Manor, Pleasantville, Pound Ridge, Rye, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Shrub Oak, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Thornwood, Tuckahoe, Valhalla, Verplanck, Village of Pelham, White Plains,Yonkers and Yorktown Heights.

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