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Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. has been in business since 2005 providing professional gutter, roofing and siding services to homeowners and businesses in Suffolk County, New York.

Suffolk County has almost 1.5 million people and many thousands of homes, commercial buildings, churches and other structures. Each of these requires a different approach for gutter cleaning, repairs and installations. Residential and commercial gutter cleaning can be challenging depending on the height of the home, the slope that the home is built upon and the roof materials used.

We offer a five-step gutter cleaning process, gutter repairs, seamless aluminum and copper gutter installation, gutter guard leaf protection systems and roof leak services. We also repair and replace vinyl siding, fascia boards, soffits and aluminum trim-capping. We offer FREE estimates and competitive pricing.

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Why Hire A Professional Gutter Cleaning Company in Suffolk County?

gutter cleaning Suffolk CountyGutter cleaning in Suffolk County is important because when not completed on an annual, regular and ongoing basis, the debris that inevitably falls into the gutter will eventually block the downspouts and prevent water from draining. When this happens, the water can back flow behind the gutter into the house or over the front of the gutter and cause structural damage or flooding.

Cleaning your gutters is a very important home maintenance tasks that must be performed at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the late fall after all the leaves have fallen. Many of our customers in Suffolk County, are on annual maintenance contract service plans with Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair. This enables us to provide gutter cleaning services throughout the year on a seasonal basis, two, three or four times annually, and in certain cases, monthly.

Some of our customers in Suffolk County have told us, “I don’t understand. There are no trees around my house but why my gutters are getting blocked up”? When we get that question, we send our team out to investigate the problem. Invariably, we will see that the asphalt roof runoff which enters into gutters during rainfall in the form of small granules has built up and forms a coating of debris in the gutter. In other cases, things have been thrown in the gutter such as balls or other articles that cause them to overflow. In any case, gutter cleaning is something that we all have to deal with eventually!

We are often requested to provide service to large condo and homeowner groups in Suffolk County. It is ideal when we are cleaning gutters since it also allows us to inspect the roof at that time. As a note, it also permits us to access the gutters easier by not having to move the ladder around the perimeter section by section.

One of the biggest factors affecting gutter cleaning for home or commercial buildings in Suffolk County is the type and size of gutters and whether there are gutter guards installed. Larger 6-inch sized gutters allow for greater water handling capability and easier access. In those cases, the debris must be hand-removed and air blown clean and downspouts flushed. Finally, the gutter guards or leaf protection system must be reinstalled. Commercial buildings and homes built on a slope both can require large extension ladders that will enable our crew to safely access the cutter for cleaning, repair or installation.

Additionally, many of our clients have previously used landscapers or handyman to clean the gutters or have attempted to do it themselves. In our experience, they end up calling us because they simply do not do a thorough job.

In most cases, we have found that landscapers and handyman or homeowners do not have the appropriate ladders to reach the upper level gutters and perhaps most importantly, do not flush, test and snake all downspouts. This is a critical step in any gutter cleaning.

At Spotless, each of our teams is trained and supervised by the owner of the company, John Mahland. We offer a proprietary five step gutter cleaning process and guarantee for 30 days against any further blockages or we will clean them again!

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    Why Hire Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair?

    seamless gutter installation, gutter cleaning and repairDuring the many years that we have provided Gutter and Roofing services in Suffolk County, we have encountered many different gutter and roof problems. Everything from re-attaching downspouts/leaders, re-hanging gutters that have been blown off in storms or damaged, installing all new seamless aluminum and copper gutters, retrofitting sections of gutters that have become ineffective and gutter guard/leaf protection systems.

    In addition, we have helped hundreds and hundreds of homeowners to detect roof leaks and repair them. We have seen many people attempt to solve complicated roof leaks by applying roofing cement or tar to chimney flashing, gutters or shingled areas – with no success. In most cases, after we detect the source of the roof or flashing leak, we remove it and re-install a new section of roofing with ice and water shield or flashing. In certain cases, roof leaks are so large or the roof is in such bad shape, that the roof must be replaced or re-roofed.

    Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair is the right choice for your gutter and roofing jobs because we have built a professional reputation over the last 15 years by delivering top-notch service and producing expert results.

    We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and carry many many five star service reviews that have been verified by Google and Yelp. Most of our thousands of customers have called us back year after year for continued service.

    We do not employ subcontractors. Each of our technicians are trained supervised and employed by Spotless. Many of our valued employees have been with us for over 10 years. That type of experience and training day after day dealing with gutter and roof issues is invaluable when servicing homes, commercial buildings, condos and churches in Suffolk County, New York.

    Our goal is service excellence. Our office is staffed by three full-time telephone operators, Nicole, Caitlin and Maryellen. Over the years, they have gotten to know many of our customers and clients on a personal basis to due to the repeat nature of our business.

    Our trucks are properly insured, commercially registered and lettered with our company name.

    Our core values are courtesy, professionalism, responsiveness and integrity. When a problem arises, we attempt to make it right by whatever means necessary. Our goal is to under-promise and over-perform.

    We maintain a dedicated warehouse that is stocked with the highest quality materials.

    Our insurance, both Worker’s Compensation and general liability (2 million) exceeds the amounts required by Suffolk County consumer affairs. 

    Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair has never received a consumer affairs complaint in our company history. That is a testament to our integrity and commitment to service excellence. In addition, we have never been the subject of any form of legal action arising from a customer’ unsatisfactory experience. That did not happen by accident, but through dedicated and committed efforts to put our customers first in Suffolk County.

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      Recent Gutter Cleaning Projects We Have Completed

      gutter cleaning, repair and installations company in Suffolk CountyIn Huntington, New York, Lloyd Harbor area, we recently had a project where the client’s Yankee gutter system was leaking into their home. Yankee gutters are a form of gutter that is seen mostly in older historic homes. The gutter or trough is built into the actual roofing system and does not sit on the exterior of the home like many newer homes but inside of the roof itself. This can be a very involved problem.

      In this project, we first attempted a cost-effective solution by lining the section of the Yankee gutter that was leaking into the home with new copper, and sealing it properly to waterproof the Yankee gutter system. This required our team to bend the copper to a custom size to fit perfectly. We were able to solve this in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible and eliminate the leak!

      Another client located in Dix Hills, New York had an ongoing issue with water overflowing behind her gutters and into her home despite the gutters being cleaned out on a regular basis. Our technicians inspected the situation and revealed that the roof shingles were not providing enough of a “bridge” for the water to drain properly into the gutters instead the water was going behind the shingles. A simple solution was to install a “drip-edge”, which is a piece of aluminum flashing inserted behind and under the shingles and extend the “bridge” of the shingle into the gutter. We can proudly state that this customer has not had this issue since we did the work.

      A new customer in Amityville, NY called us last year and informed us that water was overflowing her rain gutter system. Our first instinct was that the gutters simply needed to be cleaned. However, after inspecting the gutter system, we noticed that the area of overflow was exactly where a downspout was draining from the second-floor gutter system into the lower level (ground level) gutter system. In this case, the downspout was extended over the first-floor roof and inserted improperly and too snugly with an elbow into the gutter. During heavy rainfall, the water continued to splash. As a solution, we installed a larger 6-inch .032-gauge aluminum seamless gutter which allowed for a much greater water handling capacity and totally eliminated the splashing and overflow problem. Additionally, the larger gutter allowed the elbow enough room so that it was not inserted so tightly and causing the water to splash. The customer was so happy that they elected to replace the entire home’s gutters with 6-inch seamless aluminum gutters.

      In Smithtown, New York, many of the homes are on larger properties and have extensive trees. One of our customers had his gutter cleaning done on a four times annual basis. However, this was simply not enough to keep up with the demand. The gutters were constantly full and overflowing with debris causing rain water to drain down the front of their home and into the basement windows. This caused several floods in the basement. As a solution, we installed a micro guard gutter leaf filter protection system. We have not had to clean this customer’s gutters for over three years. They recently called us and asked us to just come out and do a “spot” check even though the problem had been totally eliminated. The homeowner wanted to ensure that the system is working properly. Our crew inspected the gutter guards, reset them and flushed all the downspouts. By doing this, we can ensure that the gutter guards and the leaf filter protection system will be in proper functioning order for years to come!

      Timber Ridge is a townhouse and condominium community located in Holtsville, NY. Spotless has been providing gutter cleaning services for over 10 years to this complex. We recently noticed that several of the townhomes and condos were in need of gutter replacement of certain sections that were damaged. Our team measured up the sections that need to be replaced, an estimate was provided in writing and they were installed several days later.

      During one of our annual cleaning the gutters at Timber Ridge, we found multiple downspouts or leaders to be blocked. In this case, we attempted to clear the blockage by hosing the downspout with water. When that did not work, we took apart the elbows and cleaned them that way. In addition, we had to snake certain sections of the leader with a handheld snake to get them properly cleaned out and prevent overflow.

      You may have come to this page by looking to find a gutter cleaning company near Suffolk County. If you have, call or text (631) 218-1940 to set up your FREE estimate and we will send a local member of our staff to your home for an estimate.

      Full List of Gutter Services We Provide in Suffolk County, NY

      • Gutter Cleaning
      • Gutter Repair
      • Gutter Replacement
      • Gutter Installation
      • Gutter Maintenance
      • Gutter Screen Repair
      • Gutter Leaf Guards
      • Gutter Leak Repair
      • Downspout Repair
      • Downspout Replacement
      • Seamless Gutters
      • Copper Gutters
      • Yankee Gutters
      • Aluminum Gutters
      • Vinyl Gutters
      • K-Style Gutters
      • Half Round Gutters
      • House Gutters
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      • Commercial Gutters

      Areas We Serve in Suffolk County, New York

      Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair serves residential homes and businesses in Amityville, Bay Shore, Brentwood, Bridgehampton, Centereach, Central Islip, Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Coram, Deer Park, Dix Hills, East Hampton, East Islip, East Northport, Greenport, Hampton Bays, Hauppauge, Holbrook, Holtsville, Huntington, Huntington Station, Islip, Kings Park, Lindenhurst, Mattituck, Medford, Melville, Miller Place, Montauk, North Babylon, Northport, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Riverhead, Rocky Point, Ronkonkoma, Sag Harbor, Saint James, Sayville, Selden, Setauket, East Setauket, Shelter Island, Shirley, Smithtown, Stony Brook, West Babylon, West Islip, Westhampton, Westhampton Beach and Yaphank.

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      Gutter Maintenance Tips for Suffolk County Residents

      spotless technician cleaning guttersMany of our customers in Suffolk County clean the gutters a minimum of twice each year, once in the spring and again in the fall after all the leaves have dropped. However, some clients wait until the debris has built up to the point where trees are growing from the gutter or the gutters are overflowing with water and not doing a proper job. One of our biggest tips to homeowners in Suffolk County New York is to not wait so long to clean the gutters!

      The system should be inspected and cleaned several times each year depending on the conditions and number of trees overhanging the home or commercial building. The best time to clean the gutters is in the spring and in the fall. The early spring is ideal as is the summer because all of the debris from trees has dropped already and needs to be cleaned out. The most common problem we notice with homeowners is neglect first and foremost. Waiting to too long can result in severe water damage to your home and property. Flood water causes millions of dollars in damage to homes and buildings in Suffolk County.

      We always recommend using a licensed, fully insured and experienced gutter crew to complete this critical home maintenance task. Do it yourselfers, landscapers and handyman frequently do not carry the correct insurance to work at height and/or do not have proper ladders to reach the upper levels and are not trained to do an excellent job. Additionally, it has been our experience that most of these “non-professionals” do not clean out the downspout system. This is the most commonly overlooked area and the most critical to allow the water to safely drain away from your home.

      Average size homes can take approximately one hour with a two-man crew to clean the gutters. However larger buildings, condo complexes commercial buildings and churches in Suffolk can be more challenging and take several hours or even days to complete.

      Please call Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair for all of your gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter installation and roof leak problems in Suffolk County, New York. You can reach us at (631) 218-1940 or fill out our contact us form here.

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