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Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair has been in business since 2005 offering professional gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter installation services in Queens County, NY. In 2007, we purchased a seamless gutter machine which enabled us to install both 5-inch and 6-inch seamless aluminum and copper K-style gutters. Soon thereafter, we started working on roofing – both flat roofs and sloped roofs.

We have developed expertise over the many years in detecting roof leaks and making expert repairs to asphalt roofs, slate roofs, flat roofs and flashing where the house meets the siding or the chimney.  In addition, we are often called upon to make repairs/installations/modifications to siding, fascia boards soffits, aluminum trim-capping, chimney flashing and skylights.

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Why Hire A Professional Gutter Cleaning Company in Queens County?

gutter cleaning Queens, NYGutter cleaning in Queens is particularly important because it has been our experience over the last decade that many homeowners are prone to neglecting the rain gutters on their home; perhaps because of the comparative lack of trees to nearby suburban areas or the relative height of the homes in relation to the trees.

Nevertheless, failure to regularly clean your gutters can result in some unique problems that are particular to Queens County, New York. A large portion of the seamless gutters on homes in Queens are connected to downspouts that drain into NYC sewers. These sewers can be easily blocked with roof and gutter debris and cause back-ups and result in basement flooding! Flooding can be a very expensive and challenging problem.

Gutter cleaning, when properly done, ensures downspouts are clear and free flowing. Secondly, many of the homes located in Queens are older structures that, if not properly maintained, will inevitably damage the roofing system, fascia boards, soffits and even siding. It has been our experience that the stucco homes prevalent in Queens are particularly sensitive to water damage from overflowing gutters. We recommend that you clean your gutter system a minimum of twice annually in the spring and fall.

Additionally, the homes, churches, commercial buildings and condominium associations located in Queens County, NY are very diverse in size and type, and so are the gutter and roof structures on them. Unique gutter types (half-round gutters, Yankee gutters, etc.), lesser known gutter hangars (used to secure the gutter to the home) and leader/downspout straps (used to secure downspouts against the siding) are common to the area.

Furthermore, the large inventory of two-family homes presents many unique challenges. First and foremost is the heights. Many times, our crews need to utilize 40-foot extension ladders to reach the upper level of the roofing and gutter system. Also, because the homes tend to be fairly close to one another. It can be challenging to set-up ladders with enough room to safely gain access to the gutter and roof.

Through the years, Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. developed techniques and strategies to enable us to clean and repair the gutters and roofing systems of most homes and buildings in Queens, New York. We have successfully helped many homeowners in Queens County that have attempted to clean and/or repair their gutters and roofs on their own, but did not have the appropriate equipment and experience.

Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair is located in Woodhaven, Queens and is committed to service excellence and quality work while using the best materials. Our goal is to under promise and over perform.

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Gutter Cleaning & Repair Projects We Have Completed in Queens, NY

gutter repair and installation Queens, NYSaint John’s Lutheran Church is located on 114th St., Richmond Hill near Jamaica Queens. For the last 10 years, we have had a maintenance service contract calling for three annual gutter cleanings at this location. Due to the extreme heights and unique gutter system (copper lined Yankee gutters with a slate roof) this job presented several different challenges. To successfully clean the gutters of this church, we were required to have a four  person team present for safety with multiple different ladders to access the different levels.

Another is Saint Therese Church located on 61st St., Woodside, Queens, New York, contracted with us about two years ago to repair seamless gutters on one side of the brick building. This was a very difficult task because ladders could not reach the heights. In order to install new 6-inch seamless K style .032-gauge aluminum gutters with gutter guards, we were required to have on the job site two 60-foot boom-lifts capable of telescoping from the street to the upper portion of the roof and gutter area. We were able to successfully install the gutters and get the job done!

Forest Hill, Queens has many Tudor style homes with slate roofs. On one such house last year, we encountered a very difficult job on a very steep slate roof. After successfully inspecting the slate, our lead roof technician, Israel, observed that the roof valley area (where two roof sections meet and create a “valley“ for water flow to the gutter system) had many missing and damaged slate and was allowing water to gain entry to the house. Israel was assigned to remove the slate in this area, install new underlayment, replace the copper valley and managed to match the slate color and style perfectly. The roof leak was solved the roof retained its functionality and beauty.

One of our regular customers in the Whitestone/Flushing, NY area who was on an annual maintenance contract for gutter cleaning and was getting frustrated with the time and expense of cleaning the gutters multiple times per year. As a solution, we installed MicroGuards, which are a cost-effective and simple solution to gutter cleaning. It is been two years since we have visited this home for a gutter cleaning. The gutter guards are doing an excellent job of filtering the debris from gaining entry into the gutter.

Just recently, a customer located in Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY had a problem with her dry wells overflowing. Despite the regular gutter cleaning, the debris was being flushed down the gutter into the downspout, causing blockages in the underground dry well/sewer. Our technicians recommended regular gutter cleaning on a contract basis and installation of downspout strainers (light bulb shaped aluminum that sits inside of the downspout and prevent debris from going down into the leader). Since cleaning the gutters on a regular basis and the installation of the downspout stray, this customer has not had a problem with overflowing and flooding.

One of our customers located in Douglasto, Queens recently called us out to evaluate the copper gutters on his home. The gutter system was very old and had different pieces that were hanging and severely dented and damaged. In this case, we were able to salvage many of the pieces and re-hang them into position using copper hangers. The sections that were too seriously damaged, or replaced with half round copper. To ensure that the copper gutter that we were replacing had the same color patina of aged copper, we were able to locate “aged” copper that matched perfectly with the existing system after installation. In addition, several sections of downspout had to be replaced with copper round leader/downspouts. At the end of the job, the customer remarked that he could not tell where the new material was installed and the system looked and worked perfectly.

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    Gutter Maintenance Tips for Queens Residents

    gutter cleaning services Queens, NYVery often customers call us after the gutters are either severely damaged or extremely overflowing with debris. We recommend that the gutters be cleaned a minimum of twice annually. Once in the spring and again in the late fall after all the leaves have fallen into them. Winter storm damage, trees falling and heavy winds can impact your gutters.

    When we are cleaning gutters in Queens, New York, our crew will typically make recommendations for replacement of seamless gutters both aluminum and copper at that time. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen homeowners do when attempting to repair gutter or leader is using components and parts sold at local home-improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. The quality and gauge of thickness of the materials sold in these stores is not sufficient to withstand many years of service. Our material is the best available in the industry and manufactured by Englert.

    Another common problem that we see often is when homeowners clean the debris from the gutters, however, will not flush, test and snake, if necessary, the downspouts. Gutter cleaning is more aptly called gutter AND downspout cleaning. When leaders are not properly cleared, severe water damage and flooding may occur.

    We recommend that you use a reputable, experienced, licensed and trusted local gutter cleaning and repair service. All of our technicians have been with this over five years and we have developed many layers of experience and knowledge during those years. It has been my experience that lesser established gutter and roof companies will not spend the time necessary to do a quality job. A gutter cleaning should take a minimum of one hour on most homes. The larger the home, the more time it will take.

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to us, please call us at (718) 483-4342 or contact us here.

    Full List of Gutter Services We Provide in Queens, New York

    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Gutter Repair
    • Gutter Replacement
    • Gutter Installation
    • Gutter Maintenance
    • Gutter Screen Repair
    • Gutter Leaf Guards
    • Gutter Leak Repair
    • Downspout Repair
    • Downspout Replacement
    • Seamless Gutters
    • Copper Gutters
    • Yankee Gutters
    • Aluminum Gutters
    • Vinyl Gutters
    • K-Style Gutters
    • Half Round Gutters
    • House Gutters
    • Apartment Gutters
    • Commercial Gutters

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