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Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair of Connecticut was founded in 2016 by John Mahland and is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. We are experts in gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, gutter installation (K-style both 5- and 6-inch seamless gutters in all colors and copper half-round).

In addition, we are experts in aluminum trim capping, fascia boards, soffits, vinyl siding repairs/installation, and roofing, including roof leak detection and roof leak repairs. We are licensed to operate in Fairfield County, CT and are fully insured with Worker’s Compensation insurance. Each of our crews is fully trained and our work is warranted. We are Better Business Bureau credited with an A+ rating.

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning in Fairfield County is a critical home maintenance task. Many homeowners attempt to take it on and do not have the proper equipment, training and expertise. Failure to clean your gutters on a seasonal basis can result in serious water damage to your home’s interior, foundation erosion, and possible flooding.

We have developed a five-step gutter cleaning process:

  1. Remove roof debris, where appropriate and safe.
  2. Access the gutters using extension ladders and hand remove the heavy debris.
  3. Utilize hand-held air blowers to blow the small debris from the gutters.
  4. Test and flush all downspouts. At certain times it may be necessary to snake dry wells and pipes.
  5. Do a detail clean up on the ground level. This includes walkways, steps, window sills and driveways. Your gutters and home should be left Spotless when we are done.

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Professional Gutter Cleaning & Repair Services for Homeowners in Fairfield County

Fairfield County, Connecticut has a diverse population of different style homes, including Colonials, Cape Cods and ranches. Many of the homes are older and historical in nature which requires special attention and equipment to properly maintain, repair and clean the gutters as well as repair roof leaks.

Many of our customers throughout the years have attempted to clean their own gutters. Invariably, they have ended up calling us anyway. This is a dangerous and difficult job and is better left to professionals who are trained and properly insured. Each of our teams is equipped with appropriate ladders for even the toughest and highest homes.

Spotless Gutter cleaning and repair has been developing our expertise in gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter installation and roof work for over 15 years. All of our technicians are trained and properly insured. All of our work is guaranteed against defects and workmanship and we operate with the highest levels of integrity to deliver service excellence.

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    We Offer Expert Solutions to Your Gutter and Roofing Problems

    gutter cleaning in Fairfield County, CTWe have serviced hundreds and hundreds of homes in Fairfield County, Connecticut as well as the surrounding towns and villages.

    A recent customer in Darien, CT was having overflow issues with the gutters above the driveway. In this case, our first recommendation was to reroute the downspouts to drain more affectively from the gutter itself. In addition, the gutters were experiencing severe overflow from leaf debris that was a chronic issue due to the pine trees in the location. We installed gutter guards on the existing gutters and have totally eliminated the problem.

    After a heavy storm, one of our customers in Riverside, CT called us and stated that the gutter was hanging off of the fascia board in the rear of the home. Our project manager, Victor, went to the customer’s home and conducted a gutter evaluation. It was very apparent that the rear gutter had to be removed from the fascia board which is the board that the gutter is hung on. We had to replace it with a new one. Our crew installed a 1×6 pine fascia board to match the existing house. We painted the new fascia board and installed a new 6-inch K-style aluminum gutter. The customer was extremely satisfied and happy with the results.

    In May of last year, an existing customer in New Canaan, CT called us back to report that the copper gutters in the front of the home were having an issue where the water was not draining properly in the front of the house. Our team leader evaluated the gutter situation and determined that the half-round copper gutter had to be removed from the home and reinstalled with the correct pitch to angle it more effectively and increase the water flow towards the downspout. When we re-pitched the half-round copper gutter, the water began flowing much more efficiently. The problem was solved!

    A new customer in Westport, CT called us out last year to evaluate the existing gutters for gutter cleaning. We cleaned the gutters on her house and completed the five-step gutter cleaning process, being sure to flush and test all of the downspouts, which is frequently missed. In this case, the customer had an overflow occurring at the gutter level. What happened was that the downspout blockage was not allowing the water to drain properly, and the gutters were overflowing at the top, causing water to splash against the house and get inside the windows. After conducting the five-step gutter cleaning process, the customer agreed to sign up for an annual maintenance contract where we clean the gutters on a seasonal basis multiple times per year.

    Most customers call us after realizing that the gutters are jammed packed and full of debris. At this point, it is kind of late and the situation must be addressed with a thorough gutter cleaning.

    The best time to clean gutters is in the Spring and the Fall, at a minimum. Some homes have many trees and will require for annual gutter cleanings, once in the Spring, Summer, early Fall and late Fall. Failure to properly clean the gutters can result in unnecessary damage to your home, including water damage resulting from overflowing gutters into window wells, foundation erosion and water inside the roofline.

    In addition, it is common to see freezing debris caused major damage to homes. We recommend that homeowners use experienced and licensed gutter service company to maintain, clean, repair and install gutters on their home. Most gutter cleaning will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.

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