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SPOTLESS gutter cleaning & repair, Inc. is a full-service gutter and roofing company located in Brooklyn, NY. We have been in business for over 20 years and are experts in all facets of gutter installation, gutter repair and gutter cleaning for Brooklyn New York residents.

Professional Gutter & Roofing Services in Brooklyn, NY

  • We clean gutters, uniquely offering a five-step gutter cleaning process which ensures your gutters are clean correctly the first time.
  • We regularly install aluminum and copper gutters in both 5 inch and 6 inch sizes.
  • In addition, we repair gutters and roofs all throughout Brooklyn.
  • We also install gutter guard leaf protection systems which ensure the gutter cleaning is all but eliminated for Brooklyn property owners.
  • Our company technicians are experts in roof leak detection and repair. We specialize in flat roof leak detection and roof repair in Brooklyn.
  • We also install new roofing including both asphalt pitched roofs and flat roofs, and we also complete repair and replacements for all roofs in Brooklyn.
  • In addition, we are frequently called upon to make exterior repairs such as aluminum trim capping, fascia board replacement and siding repairs.

We offer FREE estimates, are licensed and fully insured and our crews are led by a project manager and a job foreman.  Please call us today at (718) 483-4342

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Gutter Cleaning is Important – Stop Problems Before They Build Up

Gutter Cleaning in Brooklyn New York is incredibly important for homeowners and property owners because it is so frequently overlooked and is a big cause of major flooding and damage to the building.  Many of the buildings in Brooklyn New York are older and gutter cleaning maintenance is critically even more important as a result!

When debris is allowed to build up in the gutters, the drainage can become blocked and the water will back-up behind the fascia board and the roof shingles and gain entry into the house or building. Alternatively, when the gutters are blocked, the water can overflow against the exterior of the home or building and cause flooding and exterior damage as well as foundation erosion.  The best long-term solution to gutter cleaning is our gutter guard system. Click here to learn more about Gutter Guards.

About Brooklyn, NY Roofs and Gutter Systems

Brooklyn, New York is comprised of many different styles and types of homes and commercial buildings. However, there are a very large number of flat roofs and Yankee Gutters. Yankee gutters are gutter drainage that is built into the roofing system. It is of critical importance that Yankee gutters be cleaned on a very regular basis because the drainage is so close to the roofing it can create severe water damage if the Yankee gutters are not cleaned out regularly.

One solution to this problem is to have an annual maintenance service contract. This allows our crews to come on a regular and seasonal basis and clean out the gutters.

Common Gutter & Roofing Issues in Brooklyn Homes

One of the common issues that property owners in Brooklyn encounter is that the homes are typically very high structures and can require specialized equipment to gain access to the gutters and roofing. Each of our teams carries 40-foot ladders that enable them to clean repair and install gutters in most homes in Brooklyn New York. It is not recommended that these types of jobs be taken on by handyman or inexperienced homeowners. We have seen serious injuries, a result when inexperienced people have tried to get to this type of heights.  We are licensed and fully insured for this type of work and we recommend you leave it to the professionals at Spotless!

Why Choose Spotless for Your Brooklyn Gutter Cleaning & Repair?

Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. has been working on gutters and roofs in Brooklyn, New York for over 20 years. We ask that you consider us for your gutter and roof needs for the following reasons:

  • We are licensed in New York City and fully insured with workers comp and general liability insurance.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have several hundred five-star reviews on Google and Yelp
  • We have never been the subject of a consumer affairs or any type of litigation due to unsatisfactory service. We are proud of our reputation and work hard every day to preserve it.
  • We operate with integrity and deliver excellence each and every time. We value and respect our customers.
  • We have developed a successful company infrastructure with experienced office personnel, project managers, foreman and service technicians.  Our work is backed up by 20 years of experience and success.

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    How Many Jobs We Have Completed in Brooklyn

    Over the last 20 years, we have completed thousands and thousands of gutter cleaning gutter repair, seamless gutter installation, roofing and exterior repair related work in Brooklyn, New York.

    Listed below are some of our recent projects:

    Read These Recent Gutter Cleaning Projects Completed in Brooklyn by Spotless Gutter Cleaning

    1.) Just recently we were called for an estimate in Flatlands, Brooklyn. The homeowner called us because a tree branch had damaged a piece of gutter on the front of the house. Our project manager, Mark Thomas, was dispatched to the job. He measured the Gutter and determined based on the roof angle and size that it would be beneficial to install a larger 6-inch gutter and replace the miter (A 45° piece of gutter that joins two sections) which was leaking. Our two-man crew responded on the scheduled date and installed a 40-foot seamless 6-inch aluminum white K style gutter. The damage was repaired and the drainage was improved.

    2.) Last year, a customer in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn called us and explained that they have a continuous overwhelming gutter cleaning problem. No matter how often they would clean the gutters, they kept getting full and water was overflowing and gaining entry into the house. When we responded to the home, we noticed that there was a large pine tree which was producing needles that were constantly dropping throughout the year. Our project manager recommended the installation of Micro Guard Gutter Guards. These are installed by retrofitting them on the existing gutters. It was a large home with over 300 linear feet of gutter and took our crew approximately one day, after cleaning all the gutters thoroughly. The gutter guards were installed by securing them to the lip of the gutter with zip screws and to the back of the fascia board behind the gutter. This ensures that they will not be affected by wind and loosen. Since the time of the installation of the gutter guards, our customer has NOT reached out to us for gutter cleaning and reports that the gutters are operating much more efficiently since the installation of gutter guards!

    3.) Approximately three years ago, a customer located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn called us and asked us to evaluate why water was getting behind the gutter and gaining entry into the house. Our lead technician and foreman, Omar, who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, was dispatched to take a look at the job. Our initial suspicion was that gutter cleaning or the lack thereof was the culprit and the cause of the overflow of the gutters. However, Omar reported that the fascia board, which is the board that the gutters are hung upon, was rotted and water damaged.

    It was determined that the roof shingles were not providing a big enough bridge for the water to drip into the gutter and instead was dripping behind the gutter and damaging the fascia board. Our first course of action to remedy this problem was to remove the gutter from the building completely. We then removed the damage fascia board and installed a new composite board, which is a man-made material that is impervious to water damage. This board is manufactured by Azak. After installing the composite board, we used a tool called a “break“ to bend aluminum trim Capping around the new fascia to match the existing on the house. We then installed the gutter again on the house but made sure to seal all joints and replace any damage parts. In an effort to improve the drainage from the roof shingles into the gutter we installed a drip edge, which is a piece of aluminum that is inserted behind the shingles to extend the bridge created from the shingles into the gutter. This problem has been solved completely!

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      Gutter Maintenance Tips for Local Homeowners

      • How to know it’s time to clean your gutters: The most obvious way to determine if you’ve gutters need to be cleaned is to simply look up! If the gutters are very discolored and leaking or if there is water on the exterior of the gutter or if it is been more than a year since your last gutter cleaning, it might be time to clean the gutters!
      • The best time to clean your gutters: The optimal time to clean the gutters on your home is in the Spring and the Fall after all the leaves are done. The best gutter cleaners recommend the gutters be cleaned a minimum of twice a year, depending on the conditions at the house. Some homes can get away with one cleaning per year, but those homes that are under large amounts of trees must be cleaned a minimum two times per year, once in the spring or summer and once in the fall.
      • The biggest mistake homeowners make that can lead to gutter problems: The biggest mistake homeowners do that leads to bigger gutter problems is not maintaining the system by regularly cleaning your gutters!
      • Why you should hire a licensed gutter cleaning company: We strongly recommend you consider licensed, insured and experienced gutter cleaning professionals to work on your home.
      • How long a gutter cleaning job can take to complete: A professional job should take a minimum of one hour and must be completed by a two-man crew for safety reasons.
      • Consider a long-term alternative to gutter cleaning: Our final recommendation is to consider gutter guards. Although they are not perfect, the true cost of installation is significantly reduced and their effectiveness is guaranteed.

      Full List of Gutter Services We Provide in Brooklyn, New York

      • Gutter Cleaning
      • Gutter Repair
      • Gutter Replacement
      • Gutter Installation
      • Gutter Maintenance
      • Gutter Screen Repair
      • Gutter Leaf Guards
      • Gutter Leak Repair
      • Downspout Repair
      • Downspout Replacement
      • Seamless Gutters
      • Copper Gutters
      • Yankee Gutters
      • Aluminum Gutters
      • Vinyl Gutters
      • K-Style Gutters
      • Half Round Gutters
      • House Gutters
      • Apartment Gutters
      • Commercial Gutters

      Areas We Serve in Brooklyn, New York

      Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. serves residential homes and businesses in the following neighborhoods in Brooklyn:

      Central Brooklyn: Crown Heights, Weeksville, Flatbush,Beverley Square East, Beverley Square West, Ditmas Park, East Flatbush, Farragut, Remsen Village, Fiske Terrace, Pigtown, Wingate, Prospect Park area, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park South, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Ocean Parkway, and Parkville.

      Eastern Brooklyn: Brownsville, Canarsie, East New York, City Line, Cypress Hills, New Lots, Spring Creek, Starrett City, and Highland Park

      Northern Brooklyn: Bedford–Stuyvesant, Bedford, Ocean Hill, Stuyvesant Heights, Bushwick, Wyckoff Heights, East Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Little Poland, and Williamsburg.

      Northwestern Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Admiral’s Row, Cadman Plaza, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Bridge Plaza/RAMBO, DUMBO, Fulton Ferry, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights, Pacific Park/Atlantic Yards, and Vinegar Hill.

      South Brooklyn: Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Street Waterfront District, Cobble Hill, Gowanus, Park Slope, South Park Slope, Greenwood Heights, and Red Hook.

      Southern Brooklyn: Barren Island, Bergen Beach and Georgetown, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, also known as “Little Odessa”, West Brighton, Manhattan Beach, Sea Gate, Sheepshead Bay and Madison, Homecrest, Midwood, Flatlands, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, White Sands, Marine Park, Mill Basin, and Plumb Beach

      Southwestern Brooklyn: Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, New Utrecht, Borough Park, Mapleton, Dyker Heights, Sunset Park, Chinatown, and Sunset Industrial Park.

      Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc.

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