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    We are a complete roof installation, re-roof, and repair company that provides high quality services and products on projects for both residential and commercial properties. We have experienced and trained roofing technicians who specialize in SLATE and ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOF installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs. Call or text (516) 695-5687 to request an estimate today! We offer FREE onsite roof leak evaluation.

    new roof installationWe provide SLATE ROOFS for new traditional slate roof installation as well as for existing slate roofs. When it comes to appearance and longevity, nothing beats a natural slate roof. Slate exceeds all other roofing products, either manufactured or produced by nature. It is also a sustainable, natural environmentally friendly product that provides a cool, energy saving exterior surface.

    We also offer ASHPHALT ROOFS and this built up roofing provides durability and flexibility. It is one of the oldest and time tested roofing systems in the industry.

    Roofs get more abuse from the elements than any other part of your home and sometimes replacement is the only option. If this is the case we can offer you the best in roofing materials, supplies and service. There is NO better way to protect your home than by having a good roof over your head.

    Although a new roof is sometimes best, there are times that regular maintenance and repair can greatly extend the life of your roof surface. Without this maintenance any roof system will degrade and lose their water tightness. Neglecting your roof can cause MAJOR damage from unnoticeable water leaks. A damaged roof can cost thousands of dollars as well as structural damage to your home. Not only will it decrease the value of your house, but living under a faulty and damaged roof could potentially be life threatening, so you want to act fast to prevent the damage from worsening.

    Your roof is exposed to weather all year round and this exposure causes your roof materials to deteriorate. All types of roofs can be damaged by wind. Debris build up is also a common cause of roof leaks. Prolonged leakage problems can cause vital load bearing beams to rot—a complicated and expensive problem that could have been prevented by a less costly roof repair. Roof repairs are not only advisable, but they are NECESSARY to maintain the integrity and value of your home. A preventive maintenance program can locate minor repairs early before they become major problems. We have roofing repair experts who specialize in slate and asphalt shingle roof installations, maintenance and repairs. We use only the most modern equipment and the highest quality materials. We will complete your job with integrity, craftsmanship and excellent customer service. If you have a roof leak we will respond promptly to assess the problem in order to minimize damage to your home. We provide service and long lasting roof repairs for both slate and asphalt roofs.

    The KEY to minimizing costs is to catch a roof problem early. Our trained, dependable roofing technicians have the knowledge and expertise to perform a detailed survey of the condition of your roof. They will identify existing and potential problems and offer recommendations for the most cost effective way to address the problems.

    Each roof is different and provides different challenges depending on the pitch of the roof, type of shingles, the existing gutter system and the number of valleys.


    1. roof repairLack of maintenance. Failure to find and correct minor roof deterioration in the early stages is the biggest caue of roof problems, especially in low sloped roofs.
    2. Weathering.  All roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather, air pollutants and salt-laden atmospheres.
    3. Wind damage.
    4. Faulty design, including weak roof structures, inadequate roof slope, sagging roof structure or insufficient drains.
    5. Flashing Failures.  The function of flashings is to provide a water-tight junction between roofing materials and roof projections and between roof sections. Flash- ings are the most vulnerable part of any roof, and many early roof problems are actually flashing problems.


    1. roof repair companyAlgae growth
    2. Ceiling spots that appear to be water damage
    3. Curling, cracked or buckling shingles
    4. Missing, loose or balding shingles
    5. Rotting spots
    6. Damaged flashing
    7. Valley deterioration

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      1. roof spotsSpot patching
      2. General repairs
      3. Major repairs or roof replacement

      To avoid expensive roof replacement you need to maintain a working roof by having it inspected regularly.  Although some roof systems require less maintenance than others, ALL roof systems should be inspected periodically to be certain they are free of debris and that drains are clear.

      As part of our ROOF MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, we perform roof inspection checks for all of the issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof to help avoid costly or unexpected changes.  We are available to help you with all of your slate or asphalt repair or maintenance needs.  We will:

      1. Inspect the general condition of your roof for cracks and nail popping as well as the flashing around roof pipes, chimneys, vents, valleys and mounting of HVAC units.
      2. Repair any blisters, splits and tears in the roof membranes and flashings.
      3. Repair cracking and mortar deterioration.
      4. Clean clogged drains that trap moisture.
      5. Caulk counter flashings.
      6. Fix open pitch pans that let water into the roof assembly.

      We offer annual, semi-annual or quarterly maintenance programs since lack of proper roof maintenance can lead to premature deterioration of your roof, which along with improper installation are the greatest causes of roof problems, particularly with low sloped roofs, as they are more susceptible to leaks.  Our roofing technicians have the knowledge to diagnose tricky problems and get the job done right.  We have experienced troubleshooters who will find and fix difficult to locate roof problems.  We take care of hidden leaks and cracks that cause major problems.

      We use the following guidelines to help keep your roof in good working condition for as long as possible:


      1. We clean all debris from the roof surface, including debris behind HVAC units, pipes and pitch pans, and any other roof penetrations.  Debris holds water and water causes roof deterioration, especially if your roof is asphalt based.
      2. We will install zinc or lead control stripes along the hips and ridges if your roof is starting to collect moss or algae.
      3. We’ll check all flashings for deterioration and holes.
      4. We’ll apply roof cement under loose shingle tabs.
      5. We’ll replace damaged shingles.
      6. We’ll check all caulking and sealants.  We’ll clean, scrape and remove any caulking that is weather cracked and damaged and will reapply a polyurethane caulking if necessary.

      The key to an asphalt roof system’s effectiveness is complete protection.  When shingles are missing or torn off, your home’s interior is vulnerable to water damage and rot.  The problem is likely to spread and nearby shingles are easily blown away.  Our roofing technicians can take care of this by repairing small holes or replacing blown off shingles promptly.


      slate roofThere are very few roofs that can compare to a slate roof when it comes to durability, longevity, and beauty however, slate roofs can, and should be maintained and repaired to effectively extend their serviceable lives.  The durability of a slate roof depends on 4 factors:

      1. The physical and mineralogical properties of the slate
      2. The way it is fabricated
      3. Installation techniques employed
      4. Regular and timely maintenance

      Your slate roof needs to be inspected regularly for broken and missing slate.  Broken tiles allow moisture and UV light to directly attack the sheet asphalt underlayment.  Our roofing technicians will:

      1. Repair broken and cracked slates and replace missing slates promptly in order to prevent water damage to interior finishes, accelerated deterioration of the roof and roof sheathing, and possible structural damage.
      2. Check for failed flashings, pin holes, open seams, loose and misaligned elements as well as broken or clogged downspouts.
      3. Pay particular attention to the critical areas near the roof plate and at the intersection of roof planes as well as the valleys and hips.
      4. Replace your flashings since if your flashing leaks your roof will leak.  We specialize in the replacement of worn-out flashings and underlayments in restoring roofs to their original integrity.

      roof plateWe are known for quality, knowledge and professionalism when we repair, replace and restore slate roofs and copper valleys.  To achieve these high quality repairs we use specialized stainless steel hooks or copper 11/2 inch nails to re-hang slate or install replacement pieces using specific nailing techniques.  Slate tiles need to be installed properly so they stay on, don’t break and prevent the roof from leaking.

      Slate roofs require regular maintenance and many slate roofs need new slates annually due to loose nails or broken slates.  Some companies use a cheap fast fix by using tar on your slate roof.  Not only does tar ruin the appearance of your slate roof, but this “fix” only lasts a few years, at best, and it will cost you more in the end when someone has to remove the tar to do the job right.  The good news is that a properly repaired and maintained slate roof will virtually last forever.

      DO YOU HAVE A LEAKING ROOF? Call us whether you need a new roof, complete or partial replacement, minor or major repairs. We can help you with all of your roofing needs. Research has shown that proper maintenance can extend the life of a roof by 50% so be pro-active and sign up for our Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Maintenance Program.  We will provide you with excellent customer service and the highest quality services because we want to become your life long roofing company.

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