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    How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost

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    How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned? That’s a question on many of our minds if you live in the Long Island or New York area. To answer that question you should also ask, “What does gutter cleaning include?”, because it is the answer to this question and the process a company uses that differentiates professionals from others in the industry.

    Gutter cleaning pricing is determined by the following factors:

    • Height and Location of Gutters

    Many residential homes are one and two stories and a standard 28-foot ladder can safely access the roof and gutters for service.  However, on taller homes and buildings, a 40-foot ladder is required.  These ladders are very large and can require additional manpower to secure them properly.  Frequently homes that are built on a hill will have a section in the rear that requires a 40-foot ladder.  Commercial gutter cleaning can require boom lift trucks.

    • The Style and Type of Roof

    Roofs that are severely pitched and not walkable impact the time it takes to clean the gutters.  Our technician’s must continually move the ladders around the perimeter as opposed to walking on the roof and accessing the gutters that way.  In addition, slate roofs offer different challenges because the roof tile is rigid and it can be difficult to gain access to the gutters.

    • Gutter Guards

    The existence of gutter guards or gutter covers represents an added challenge to cleaning your home’s gutters.  Our technicians must remove or open the guards to gain access and then reset or close the gutter cover after the cleaning is completed.

    • The Size of The Home/Building

    Obviously larger homes, i.e. homes over 2,500 square feet, take longer to clean because of the increase in linear footage of gutter and that is reflected in the cost to clean them.

    • The Location of The Property

    Issues such as higher insurance and salary costs in New York City can impact the cost to clean gutters in certain areas.

    • The Frequency of Cleaning

    When gutters are not regularly maintained, they can become extremely full of debris.  The added time to clean the gutters has an impact on pricing.

    All of the above impacts, ‘how much time does it take to get my gutters cleaned?’ so if your home is more complicated and time consuming to clean, that can impact costs. However, remember, if you stay proactive, gutter cleaning will save you the cost of potential gutter repairs, frozen gutter breakages and even roof repairs. Many argue it is an investment, not a cost!

    How Our Gutter Cleaning & Repair Pricing Process Works

    When a customer calls or texts our offices to schedule gutter cleaning, our staff will evaluate the home by looking it up online and giving you a price range and a time/date for our technicians to make an evaluation and give you exact pricing within the range we quoted over the phone.

    In general terms, average sized suburban homes range in costs depending on the above factors, and larger homes and those within the confines of NYC may cost more.

    Looking to estimate gutter cleaning? Let Spotless take care of you.

    To find out what gutter cleaning costs in your area, contact our staff.  Our technicians will come to your home, make an evaluation and if you approve, will do a 5-step gutter cleaning.

    Please call or text our office at (516) 695-5687 and we will give you a personalized price quote.

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