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    Seamless Gutter Installation Long Island NY

    seamless gutter installation Long IslandSpotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. offers professional installation of seamless gutters in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Seamless Gutters are single-piece gutters that are roll formed out of our Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair Inc.’s gutter making machine. Installing seamless gutters eliminate sags and leaks in the gutter system because they are custom measured and cut onsite for each and every job. Because they are roll formed, there are NO SEAMS. The sections join only at inside and outside corners, and at downspout outlets. With seamless gutters, the joints are fastened more securely and sealed for stability and leak resistance.

    Seamless gutters are continuous which makes them both strong and visually more appealing. Most importantly, NO SEAMS MEANS NO LEAKS.

    Made and installed to the highest standards, our seamless gutters and downspouts come in aluminum in a variety of popular colors to match your exterior, or they are available in copper. These gutters will last for many years because the high quality paint process bakes the paint finish right on the aluminum for added durability and beauty. The paint finish will not crack, chip or blister for 20 years. Imagine never having to paint your gutters again!

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    Gutters are often sized according to the roof area they drain:

    • 5″ wide K-Style gutters are the residential industry’s standard and the most frequently installed gutter. However, there are some homes on Long Island that need 6″ because of excessive rain flow and additional drainage needs.
    • 6″ wide K-style gutters are generally reserved for larger roofs and commercial buildings.
    • Our aluminum downspouts come in 2″x 3″ and 3″x 4″. Using larger 3″x 4″ downspouts can help prevent blockage and will drain the water faster before it can run over the top of the gutter. The larger downspouts are almost self-cleaning because they do not clog up or freeze. We are also able to provide you with custom downspouts for that unique application. The downspouts come in colors that match the gutter, or we can try to match your downspout color with the color of your siding.
    • Only the top-quality materials are used when we make your rain gutters. We use .027 gauge aluminum. All gutters and downspouts meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Specifications (1401.1 “Specifications for Aluminum and Copper Gutters).

    Every gutter installation job involves a series of Runs and Downspouts. A Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair Inc. representative will arrange a convenient time to provide you with information and options. You will be given an estimate of costs after determining the run length and run height. There is an additional charge for replacing rotted fascia boards, building out fascia, adding extras like drip-edge extensions or choosing custom color choices.

    RUN LENGTH is a straight section of gutter which is mounted against the fascia board, measured in linear feet. A GABLED roof has 2 runs, front and rear. A HIP roof has 4 runs.

    • RUN HEIGHT is the height in stories, at which each gutter will be located (1st story, 2nd story, etc.) which is used to determine the length of downspout needed.
    • DOWNSPOUTS are pipes that carry rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or to the ground.
    • FASCIA ANGLE–if there is any fascia board that is angled to follow the roof rafters, there is usually an extra charge.
    • FASCIA BOARD is the flat horizontal surface directly below the edge of the roof. New gutters need a solid fascia surface in order to be mounted. Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair Inc.’s crew will inspect all fascia board for dry rot damage and all rotted wood is replaced at an additional charge per linear feet.
    • DRIP-EDGE EXTENSIONS are used to prevent water from washing over the fascia eventually causing it to rot. If our crew observes that your fascia boards have black gutter stripes it is a sign that the drip- edge is failing and we may suggest adding an extension, at an additional charge.
    • LEADER EXTENSIONS take water away from your house, preventing water damage to your home’s foundation.

    Our Long Island Seamless Gutter Installation Process:

    Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair Inc.’s crew will arrive at your site with our truck-mounted roll forming equipment. The coil of metal in the color you have chosen is rolled through the forming machine to create a continuous piece of gutter that is custom sized to fit your specific dimensions and individual roof profile.

    Attaching The Gutters:

    seamless gutter installer Long IslandSome gutter installation companies on Long Island use nails or Spike and Ferrule, a metal cylinder or tube that is placed inside the gutter to strengthen it and keep it from bending. The spike is driven through the face of the gutter at the top, through the ferrule and into the wood fascia board. Spike and ferrule hangers tend to pull out of the wood over time, which causes the gutters to sag. Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. uses HIDDEN HANGERS. These brackets interlock into the gutter and are then attached to the roof under the shingles for superior strength. Although this is more costly, it is a better option because these concealed fasteners are stronger and they allow the gutters to expand and contract. Additionally, it offers a much cleaner look. It takes a little more time and effort but we are dedicated to doing the job right. Remember that proper gutter installation makes the difference in looks and durability. SEALING AND ADDING CORNERS: Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair Inc.’s crew will fabricate, install and seal each length of gutter, and each inside or outside corner as they go, working their way around the house or building.

    Adding Downspouts and Extensions:

    The final step is our crew’s determining the number and location of downspouts that are needed. We install them in the best location for directing the water away from the house. Approximately 600 square feet of roofing area will require a 2″x 3″ downspout, and approximately every 1200 square feet of roofing area will require a 3″x 4″ downspout. Our estimate will include the price of the downspouts. We will inform you of how many are needed before we start your job.

    Seamless gutters are both economical and effective. They can usually be installed in 1-2 days and will not only provide you with a more efficient gutter system but will also improve the look and value of your home. Please contact us for your seamless gutter installation needs. We install seamless gutters in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. We also serve Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester County, including Fairfield County in Connecticut.

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