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    Long Island Gutter Guard Installation Services

    SPECIAL WEB OFFER: FREE GUTTER CLEANING with installation of gutter guards or screens (min. 150 feet). Call (516) 695-5687 to request a quote!

    A ‘Guaranteed’ End to Gutter Cleaning Starts with Spotless Gutter Guards

    Gutter guards (also known as gutter covers) are designed to keep debris, twigs and leaves from entering your rain gutters. This seemingly simple idea is 1) to ‘permanently’ prevent your gutters from filling up or getting clogged, and 2) to stop potential drainage and downspout blockages before they happen.

    Stop Clogged Gutters with Long Island’s #1 Gutter Guard Company

    At Spotless, a local, family-owned and operated company backed by an A+ BBB rated gutter cleaning business, we include standard what no other company offers:

      • You save more with our TrueValue cost. You will save money every year going forward. We are the only company that will provide you with a TrueValue™ Quote that shows you the permanent savings you will have by installing gutter guards.
      • Free onsite estimates. Call (516) 695-5687 to set up your no-risk in-home consultation. SPECIAL WEB OFFER: FREE GUTTER CLEANING with installation of gutter guards or screens (min. 150 feet).
      • In-House installation & service team. As a local, family-owned and -operated gutter company, we stand for excellence, integrity and superior service. We do all the work ourselves.
      • Outstanding A+ BBB rating plus 20+ years exp. We have serviced thousands of homes in the Long Island area.
      • Worry-free, ‘heavy duty’ product impervious to the elements. Spotless gutter guards are tough and durable. They stay structurally sound through all seasons of the year, including the Northeast’s harsh Winters. Pine needles will not get in, they drain well, water runs off the top, and they will not rust, crack, melt or deform.
      • 30 Year Manufacturer’s Transferable Warranty. Spotless Gutter Guards are warrantied against any manufacturer quality defects for 30 years from the date of installation. Details below.
    gutter guards installation & repair Long Island

    Professional Installation of Gutter Guards, Screens & Covers

    CALL OR TEXT (516) 695-5687 IF YOU NEED TO CLEAN, SCREEN, REPAIR OR REPLACE YOUR GUTTER GUARDS, SCREENS & COVERS. We install gutter guards throughout Long Island and beyond, including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester and the NYC area.

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      John Mahland, Owner

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      Our professional fleet services Long Island, including Nassau County and Suffolk County, Westchester, and the NYC area.


      The best gutter guards on Long Island are from Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. Many people want a more permanent solution to their gutter problems. Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. offers the best solutions in gutter protection by providing several different products to keep your gutters and downspouts free of clogs and debris.

      The gutter guards we install will effectively block large debris from sticking to the gutter screen while efficiently clearing water into the gutter. The filter features a raised, stepped groove to prevent water from splashing back underneath roof shingles.

      Englert MicroGuard Gutter Guard

      There is no such thing as maintenance free gutters, however, gutter guards are a good investment because they help keep your rain gutters clean and flowing freely.

      Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. offers several proven products that will protect your gutters, preventing debris from entering the gutters and causing clogs.

      Contact us now to request a free quote. Call (516) 695-5687 or click here.

      Spotless Gutter Guards Comparison Chart

      Spotless gutter guards comparison chart


      gutter screenThese rust-resistant screens, often commonly referred to as gutter guards or leaf guards, snap on to the existing gutter’s outer lip and arch over, resting atop the edge of the asphalt roof. Debris falling down the roof collects where the screen meets the roof.

      When water runs down the shingles, it flows over and through the collected debris and strains down through the screen. These screens can’t keep everything out, and small things may still get through, however most of the debris will be blocked. These screens prolong the average gutter cleaning by six months to a full year (depending on how many trees surround the home). There is no guarantee of exactly how much will be kept out of the gutter and for how long since every customer’s home and tree situation is different.


      downspout strainerThis strainer is mushroom shaped and goes on the top of the downspout.  The globe screen prevents debris from going into the downspout.

      In addition to regular screens for aluminum or galvanized gutter systems, we install half-round copper screens for copper gutters.
      Spotless Gutter Cleaning and Repair, Inc. installs gutters, downspouts, gutter guards, gutter screens, gutter covers, seamless gutters and gutter protections systems.


      Please contact us to discuss your individual gutter needs.  We’ll provide you with a worry-free system to keep your gutters clean and your home protected from the destructive and damaging effects of rain water.

      How Do Gutter Guards Get Installed?

      gutter guards installer Long Island

      If you are thinking about how to install gutter guards on Long Island, the first thing homeowners should know is that many of the large gutter guard companies do not even directly employ their own installers, much less have an infrastructure in place for the inevitable callbacks and problems.  Many of them subcontract to local gutter companies for installation.

      Spotless Gutter Guard employs all of our own installers and gutter cleaning technicians. Our gutter guard system is installed by experienced and supervised technicians. Gutter guards are installed directly into the fascia board and your existing gutter system. This process increases the structural strength of the gutters and most importantly, leave your gutters Spotless for many, many years. We guarantee it!

      Our 7 Step Gutter Guard Installation Process to Keep Leaves Out of Your Gutters

      Because every roof is slightly different, Spotless Gutter Guard is designed to be installed on many different applications.

      1. First, we evaluate and plan the most effective way to install our leaf guard system to ensure that your home stays leaf-free and that no water goes behind the gutter and into your home.
      2. Using the top gutter guards on the market, our in-house team custom fabricates your system to fit your home’s specs.
      3. Next, we begin the installation of our leaf guard gutter system by screwing it into the front lip of your gutters. [Based on our 20 years of experience, this is the simplest and most effective way to guarantee the gutter guard is properly secured and will not be affected by wind, snow or heavy storms.]
      4. Depending on the conditions at your home, including the roof type, the gutter guard is then installed to the back of the facia board to act as a drip-edge and prevent water from going behind the gutter. This method allows for expansion and contraction as weather conditions dictate and, most importantly, keeps water from going behind the gutter and causing serious water damage.
      5. Next, our experienced technicians and supervisors quality control the work completed.
      6. We clean up before we leave your home.
      7. Post-installation customer support is available.


      SPECIAL WEB OFFER: FREE GUTTER CLEANING with installation of gutter guards or screens (min. 150 feet).

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        Benefits of Installing Spotless Gutter Guards

        If you live in Nassau County or Suffolk County, gutter guard systems:

          • Protect your home from water damage and mold/mildew. When gutter debris is allowed to remain in gutters, the rainwater shedding from the roof can back up and go behind the gutter and the fascia board and into the house. Spotless gutter guards eliminate this problem because they keep your gutters clean and they allow the water to properly drain into the gutter and not behind it. Overflowing gutters can also cause potential foundation damage and basement flooding. Our gutter covers keep your gutters clean and it is guaranteed!
          • Prevent animals from nesting in your gutters. Birds and other animals like to nest in Gutters. This can result also in damage from animals. Our gutter covers eliminate the possibility of birds and animals getting into the gutter.
          • Should be made of heavy-duty metal impervious to the elements. Ours are made from aluminum and will not bend, melt or crack. They are stronger and guaranteed for 30 years against Manufacturer defects. By contrast, many of the most popular gutter guard leak protection systems on the market today are made from PVC plastic. It is been our experience that PVC gutter guards are not ideal. After physically inspecting and in many cases repairing and cleaning PVC manufactured gutter guards, several trends have become apparent:
            • Plastic gutter guards will not hold their form over long-term.
            • Plastic gutter guards melt under the intense heat and can crack under the severe cold of the Northeast.
            • Because of these facts, they are not the most cost-effective long-term solution.
            • Mesh systems also experience issues such as collecting debris and not draining well.
          • By installing Spotless Gutter guards, you are saving money! 
        Spotless gutter guards

        Contact Spotless Gutter Guards of Long Island Today


        Please contact us to discuss your individual gutter needs.  We will provide you with a worry-free system to keep your gutters clean and your home protected from the destructive and damaging effects of rainwater.

        Gutter Guard Frequently Asked Questions

        When is the ideal time to install gutter guards?

        While there is no month or season in New York that is better suited to the installation of gutter guards (they can be installed virtually year-round), the optimal time to install gutter covers is at the same time you install your gutter system, as opposed to retrofitting them onto an existing system. Doing both simultaneously, the process will be smoother, cleaner, and more cost-effective long run. So, if you are considering replacing your gutters soon, now is the time to add gutter guard leaf protection too!

        How well do most gutter guards work?

        Unfortunately, it has been my experience as an owner of a gutter cleaning business headquartered on Long Island, NY and serving the NY tri-state area for over 20 years, that most gutter guard systems do not work long-term! Homes that have certain deciduous trees, especially pine trees and oak trees, drop so much debris and organic matter, that most-gutter guard or leaf protection systems will ultimately require service. We are so confident in our gutter guard that we guarantee you will not have to clean your gutters for a minimum of 10 years, or we will clean them for free.

        How long do gutter guards last?

        Our company installs the best gutter guards. Our gutter protection system is manufactured from a heavy gauge aluminum and has micro filtration to allow the water to flow freely BUT, stop the debris! They are designed to last many decades. Other leaf filtering systems on the market are not able to stand up to the harsh weather or natural elements, and they are less durable. Many claim they stay debris-free but in fact, debris can often get into gutters anyway. Only Spotless’s gutter guards ensure water will run into your home’s gutters and not hydroplane over and then off the top, creating overflow over the side of your home.

        Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?

        Many gutter guard or leaf protection systems fail during heavy rains. In particular, roof valleys, or two sections of roof that come together to form a valley, can be particularly challenging for gutter guards because the large volume of rain water can cause a hydroplane affect, resulting in water simply over running the gutter guard. Spotless gutter guards are Teflon coated to assist water to drain into the gutter guard properly and preventing the debris from accumulating on the exterior of the gutter. Our micro openings allow the rainwater to filter into the gutter, but they are small enough to prevent entry into your gutters of debris, including roof grit and organic matter such as leaves twigs and pine needles.

        What is your Warranty?

        Most importantly, we stand behind Spotless Gutter Guards. Spotless Gutter Guards are warrantied them against any manufacturer quality defects for 30 years from the date of installation. This means that if for some reason, other than natural disaster or weather-related incident, the gutter guards become dislodged, damaged or broken in some fashion, we will come back and properly install them.  This warranty is transferable.

        Over the next 5 years, how much money will I save by installing gutter guards vs. gutter cleaning in my Long Island home?

        Over 5 years, at an average home’s size of est. 175-225 linear feet (of gutter system) on Long Island, NY, and assuming a gutter cleaning cost of $200/cleaning at a very modest two times per year, you would be projected to save $400 per year every year you have gutter guards installed.

        Over five years (another very modest timeline, as our system is guaranteed for 10 yrs.), you would save approximately 5 yrs. X $400/yr. = $2000.

        If you clean your gutters three times per year, you will save est. 5yrs X $600/yr. = $3000. A conservative average would be that you will save about $2500 over 5 years.

        When you deduct this cost from the gutter guard installation cost, you will see your TrueValue™ number, the real adjusted investment amount you spent on your new gutter guard system installation.

        What is an accurate gutter guard installation cost?

        When you call (516) 695-5687, we set up an in-home estimate to provide you with an accurate gutter guard cost. Gutter guard installation costs are based on several factors specific to your home, including the size of your home, the number of linear feet we need to install, the amount of custom work required, and other variables including materials needed etc.  Trained, in-house professionals will provide a competitive quote to you and answer all your questions including estimating how much you will save on not having to do gutter cleaning again!

        Can you install gutter guards on existing gutters?

        Spotless leaf guards are designed to be installed over your existing gutter system or in conjunction with the installation of new 5 inch or 6-inch seamless gutters. After installation, the entire gutter is much more secure because the product is installed with screws and results in longer life of your entire gutter system.

        Do your gutter guards cause ice dams?

        The answer is no! Ice damning is caused by heat escaping from your roof and snow, and by water melting into the gutter and then refreezing when the heat source is no longer present at the gutter line. Gutters that are full of debris and do not allow this water to drain can be susceptible to ice dams. Spotless gutter protection helps prevent ice damming because your gutters will remain spotless!

        Spotless Gutter Cleaning & Repair, Inc. holds the following home improvement contractors licenses:

        Nassau County License


        Suffolk County License


        NYC License


        Westchester County License


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        Southampton License


        Long Beach License


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